Spring Vale Ju-Jitsu


Spring Vale Tegatani Ju-Jitsu Club Darwen

Spring Vale Ju-itsu is Governed and Insured by the Independant Martial Arts Sports Assosiation 

Ju-Jitsu can help you in almost any self defence situation you could find your self in, as well as build self confidence and overall fitness. 

We invite all to come down no matter what age or sex and take part in a no nonsence Martialart. There is no need to feel like you have to rush through the Grading system you can go at your own pace, or if you dont want to go through the grading system and you just want to learn basic self defence we can help you there. 

Class times are 9 am on saturday at the Spring Vale Church Darwen.

MMA Classes will also be starting soon.

Ju-Jitsu is a japanese Martial Art that was used by the Samurai that uses Throws, Takedowns, Punches, Kicks, Locks, Elbows, Kneeing,

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